Should I bother waiting for Gator to be ascendable?


Just got Gator by ascending a 4*. What are the chances his purported 6* version is going to be worth waiting for? And how long are we going to wait to find out?


Nope, don’t wait to ascend him; just sell him to the depot. He’s much better there than in your roster. :wink::+1:


That’s what I’m assuming, though I’d use him for ascending fodder.


Never sell to the depot. Just useless stuff there. 6* Fodder always.


why do you care?
if although it rises it will not stop being the worst bad toon ever created


I would save him @TheFlood he will be a 6s soon


He’s actually one of the 5s listed to be a 6 by early 2018. Early 2018 is still a long way, but at least he’s listed compared to like Christa or Sophia.


Where is the list again? u have a link/photo?


I got Ascendable Tyreese last week from the depot.


Y but u just need him, the 4* Weapons, Cans, and the jackets and the beanies.

And maybe the other Toons there which will be 6* like Glenn or someone.

They need to update it. Its to old.



Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be able to camouflage FOUR toons! Imagine the possibilities…


With 160 AP


Gator is the only with that… No tank, no support, no Damage. That. And only him…


At the rate they’re releasing the 6*s from the list it’ll be 2019 before Gator makes an appearance. Probably not worth the wait.


When “generalist” actually means “generally sucks”.


I’d hold on to him, it’s 1 roster spot


I counts if you have the ressources to upgrade him and
don’t need the gear somewhere else. But I would keep him,
even if he is a bad 6*, he’s still better than 6* Shane :wink:


I’ve seen him on the artists’ computers when I walked by for what its worth.


Tell us more :wink: