Should I ascend Maggie or wait until Kenny/Andrea are leaked?


My current 6*: Mirabelle,Carl,Negan,Ezekiel and Abraham


Use your Kenny/Andrea to ascend Maggie, and kill two birds…

J/k… I’d wait.


I assure you, it will take more than 3 months to launch them


I’m in a similar boat… I have plenty of bennys and medals and have even started to build up a good supply of ar trainers to go with my masses of active skill trainers. I have at least 10 maxed 5*’s ready to ascend but my attack and defence teams are honed and I can’t see any characters benefitting either. I am impatiently waiting to see some leaks in the hope they will add some excitement to this stale game.


Thanks y’all! I decided to ascendable Maggie!


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Very likely they maintain. 1 per month F2P addition. Unfortunately.

I would ascend a toon and then build up resources for the next. You can get 3 Benedict from raid milestones so shouldn’t take too long.


Lmao would certainly put future questions to rest =-)


I wonder when they’ll release the next ascendable character from the list. There hasn’t been any leaks yet has there? No telling who it’ll be or how long it’ll take lol


Hopefully. I just want the leaks of everyone now with their rush and skills as well. Kenny and Carley better be worth it.


They better not nerf Andrea. If she’s not an 800% damage dealing glass cannon with a 40% attack with a very large ap bonus a lot of people are gonna be pissed.

Can’t wait for the leaks. Something tells me they haven’t even started on them to be honest.



Kali hm hinted wanderer early so wonder if his design or concept art already exists


There’s still that new Abe, Lydia, Connie, Aiko, and some other character so I honestly think it’ll be a whole while. Maybe it’ll happen in between the new releases but I’m not holding my breath that it’ll be soon.


*huge (plz)


If you’re willing to wait until end 2018 then sure, ascend Kenny/Andrea


You’ll probably have enough resources to ascend another toon by the time they come out, if you don’t have enough 5 stars and have to use 1 of them to ascend her then wait til you get more 5 stars in my opinion.



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