Should have been 6v6

With this reward structure participation is plummeting…

Sounds like a faction participation problem.

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Troup had 3 factions warring as of 30 minutes ago.

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7 warring in tift ( esp )
most factions are waiting with 4 till 6 players till the slots are filled

Yeah factions aren’t warring… thanks for insight

No problem

Struggling que is a problem for many factions having 5 to 7 on only for hours. Destroying the fun out of war and not enough warring makes it very very long for those that did fill.

8 out of 30 only 24 7 for a weekend is also very crazy actually. Either lower the amount that’s needed or raise the amount of players that can fit in a faction. Allow everyone to war not just the top factions that have all the super active players. Give the rest a chance too

create a faction of people who war, kick people who dont war. people who dont have time to war write to leaders and leave till after the weekend.

Or maybe they’re not queing because it sucks and you get caught in the rinse cycle repeatedly lol

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