Should f2p just quit now..?

With the introduction of the arenas paywall feature and S class toons being released every other week it seems that f2p are being encouraged to quit or pay to even stand a chance to compete.

This is further widening the gap between f2p and P2P. It also discourages p2p from spending as a better s class next week will make the 2k spent a waste. What are scopely planning to do address this.

Where is the roadmap detailing the schedule of long overdue updates?

Those updates are basic maintenance so how what else is being planned?

So far I’ve seen the players ask for a slower roll out of S class and releasing more (or all) legacy 5* ascendable but “that won’t happen” is the response. So what are scopely willing to do?

We are tired of waiting (for answers and basic fixes) #fixyourgame #playersunited


There’s no gap between f2p & p2p it’s the Mariana’s trench rn, the gap is between non s-class whales & S-Class krakens.


The gap r the new meta vs old one u just need 2 zachs doc raven mia and here you’re winning anyone at all I bet y’all test that in arenas :wink:

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My friend…
The S class toons suck. We have had 3 S class toons in 2 months

Scopely asked for feedback. (Even though the community didnt think S class was a priority) The player community asked for less Sclass and released less frequently.
Scopely went :hear_no_evil: and boom… Sclass lol

However, in my gaming experience in this game, I know that f2p are the most stubborn and tenacious of players.
Do we complain? Heck yeah we do…
But we don’t give up because we are used to losing and it doesnt injure our ego like it does to other spenders.
They clearly want us to quit or just don’t care…
But forget that.
@C12H22O11 we dont crumble my love. :heart:
And since when do we do what others want us to do? Lol

The same folks who bought Priya will buy this toon. And quite frankly…they already kill me. So they cant kill us more than they already do. meh.

I dont know what will happen in this game.
But I know that Im irritated af. And I will be warring with you next crw.



Ftp don’t need to quit. Just do bare minimums don’t participate in the paywall events.
Make scopely pay to have us around. Starve the whales by not giving them something to eat. Ghost, less war searching, so much to do without feeding them.


“THEY CAN’T KILL US MORE THAN THEY ALREADY DO” Lmmmmmaaaoooooo this has me cackling. This is a great perspective!


Hell, most p2p should quit now.

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it seems funny to ask if people should quit now. dont need others to decide for u when to quit or not. just quit if u want to
but funnier is how so many people say they are quitting or this is the last straw etc etc… but are still playing and still in forums complaining lol.


Coasting till there is nothing more to lvl up, run out of energy cans, and then it’s quitin time. Tbh I can’t wait.



Make op promos, eat pancakes, and disrespect their players. They’re pretty good at disappointing us too.


Personally I’m waiting until you have maybe 3 factions left to fight.

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I’m waiting till they start merging regions due to low activity and watch the rage from spenders forced into the same region. And also them complaining because new regions will be blocked to enter if your prestige is above say 5.
Force merging will be the ultimate sign the game is getting close to a beautiful


You are going to buy two of these a month?

All the good ones already have

Wondering if folks were feeling the same when 6stars first came out. I think later on as more S class come out. Its be available for f2p to obtain as well just like the 6 stars. Their offering more keys lately and bet more later on.

Yes more keys snd 100 some day to get a s toon

The release of 6*!was totally different. You had zeke Carl mirabelle tyreese even shiva available to a lot of people. With s class you will have um yeah nothing for months. Honestly the 6 switchover may have been the best time to be ftp.


Here’s my take as a new f2p player who just barely hit s6 after 3 weeks of super-play

Realised there’s no way I could compete in wars as of now, in future I’ll probably won’t be able to win anything either, whether I buy stuffs or not. Keeping that in mind, I’m laid back. Chilling. 2-3 times a day burning energy like it’s a “tranquil Zen” thing to do, slowly leveling up the characters, checking out new stuffs in arenas and roadmaps.
Those small rewards, where I hit the minimum chances makes me smile, like heyyy I’m lucky as hecc bruh. Like getting Alice from 3 pulls of strike tokens.
Moral: there’s no end to competitions, even after you turn S14 in a top faction. You’ll spend even thousands to keep up. So gotta enjoy the game without big wins. :slight_smile:
Think Laopo said somewhere “happiness is the path”…“now get dazed lol”

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This post made my day. Literally the best metaphorical representation of the game state at the moment

thats a rhetorical question right? :laughing:
i think even he is smart enough to go VK hunting now with all these Sclass bullsh#t