Should everyone get 1 free Halloween token pull on Halloween?

Since there is not anything that great in the wheel would it be so hard to give everyone instead of 40 cauldrons 100 spooky tokens for 1 free pull on Halloween day for the wheel?

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Cauldrons > tokens

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They are still available through raids :man_shrugging:

no need of scopley favoure i dont want another useless 5* from halloween


True but thats a reason why cause you would end up getting a 5*

Would be nice , don’t count on it however , a welcome surprise it would most certainly be

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True that, just getting my hopes up like always lol.

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Well you should get a pull if you grind for each token.

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I did, and im on the 2nd stash bud :kissing_heart:
Im just saying whats 1 more pull gonna hurt if it was given

Everyone should also be able to get another pull from grinding.

He just wants a free pull on spooky day man.


He got one already though :wink:

Did my first pull last night and got a dupe governor but at least he was a 6* lol.

But something better than this, im seeing people get governor and other dup 6* and i get a 3* in a 5* body, made to suffer sounds about right…

Everyone should get ONLY 1 6* from all available characters out there…all MUST have a chance to get a decent character like these days so the game can be competitive.
There are like 5-6 times per year that scoely should give us something to keep our interest for the game.

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I think we should be able to get at least 4 pulls. But it shouldn’t be easy, we should have to _work hard _ for those 4 pulls.

Think you messed up the italics lol

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