Should Daily log in change?


Would you like to see an improved daily reward log on scheme?

  • Yes
  • No

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As it stands you get the same daily rewards for loging on for 7 days in a row as you do for 500 days in a row, almost all games Have a progression system for daily rewards and I believe this game should as well, there should be a benifit the longer you have played, as all our current benifit were wiped the moment you introduced 6*


It would mean people would log in at least once a day. I know a lot in our faction have dropped back to once every few days. And some are not logging in at all anymore :frowning:
If there were better rewards, one would think it would encourage people to maintain their log in streaks?


Log in streak is one of the things that keep me going, it should be longer, but as I wasn’t beta then, I had to start when everyone else did, otherwise it would be probably in the 700 day mark


I am only one day more than you :slight_smile: I certainly wan’t a daily log-inner for a long time though.


im actually the same day i just took this screenshot yesterday for a different purpose lol, but beside the point as you say it would promote people to log in more often


Prestige crates have been nice little gifts everyday but I think most could agree they are outdated. There are far too many new useful items or currencies that have been added since prestige that could be in these crates.


I agree prestige crates are alright, but the quality is directly related to your spending, not your activity or log on streak etc, what im talking about is a known quantity not rng based, so on day 1 you get burt on 100 you get a Benedict etc


My bad. I was talking in addition to. The growing login rewards is a solid concept. Could work well in RTS. Warframe comes to mind as a well executed example.


why not like this with random gear


Yeh theres many great examples i used to play marvel puzzle quiz before i played here ,and they tracked the days you played . it didnt have to concurently and would give great rewards for certain milestones i.e 365 days i got a 5* character, and normal days give bits of gear or currency etc that helped you improve those characters obviously the higher the number of days the better it was


Exactly , what i was talking about i personally prefer games that dont do it monthly but do it lifetime etc, but either would be a big improvement