Should 6* Gator be a human shield? [Poll]

  • Yes, Please make this happen!
  • No way, he will be overpowered.

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If they see this they might make it happen :wink:


Since he’s “upcoming”, I’m sure he’s already designed and mostly ready, but dammit, it would be great to see a Gator Redemption.

Call his AR “Redemption”, please.


Well, they still have time to change it. :o


He should also come with an AD weapon. Lol at those that sold him to the SD.


Or used him for Ascendance…


People gonna regret not dropping a hundred buck on his promo 2 years ago


Lol that would be funny


Bumpy :slight_smile:


6* shield will be brand new toon for sure. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


of course. same as the first revive. why would they miss such a golden oppurtunity. give one for free? that isn’t the scopely way


No. But I didn’t vote because I’m not saying No because it’d be overpowered. I just don’t think it makes sense. Now, I guess 6s don’t really have to follow the general idea of it’s 5 but the scale just wouldn’t seem right. From one of the most useless 5s to the toughest 6? I want him to be good though, don’t get me wrong. I held onto him for this.

A freely available 5* should definitely get a 6* shield upgrade eventually. I just think it should be an already existing common shield.


Rip my hopes and dreams :frowning:


I would love this to happen, but i can see them making his ar just like the old one but this only helps him and one other get camo and shielded for 2 turns and it shall be called come have a beer buddy!!!


Lol if they see this they might make it happen ? Highly doubtful I think scopely hq just reads these forums when they bored and need a laugh or want to pretend they care


I’ve been hoping for Gator to be made ascendable for the longest time, he was my first ever 5* (lol sad, i know) and even though he’s easily one of the worst characters in the game, i just couldn’t bring myself to part with him. I’d love him to be the first 6* shield but i can’t see it happening. Not when there’s $$$ to be made from it.


Human shield would be nice but check this outIMG_8603
There you go 6* gator aka “the alligator”


Scopely please do it


Sadly true :frowning:


well that day will come soon D:


Gator comes with an impair weapon.