Should 106AR 5* Get Priority?

With older 5s getting no love with ascension, should Scopely prioritize outdated 106AR 5s to get ascended?


They can prioritize previous promo 5* such as revives, pain splitters, neutralizers, human shields, guardians, all as new 6*s

People will pull for the old and the new to ascend if they’re useful 6*s

Great for walker levels.
Especially auto attack.

Yellow All Out War Andrea? Pretty good leader skill. Sucked with the slow AR though.

Dale needs a 5*…just saying.

So do Father Gabriel, Axel, and Carol

Also, I know people don’t really care about anything under a 5*, but a lot of comic people need more toons, like am Alpha and Beta 4 or 3* would be nice, plus more of them in general would be nice

There is a 5* Dale just not realesed yet

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Poor Christa aow Jesus give them love scopely

This would be a great way of them doing it, the other way would be to use their favourite tool RNG to take all decisions away and just choose a random toon to do next.

I would quite like them to just release one, any one I don’t even care who at the moment just to give us hope.