Shotglass museum event

What are the shotglasses used for in the museum? Anyone know?

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Currently they are only for a faction event mission…

prolly depending on how many shot glasses peoplr collect in the next few weeks will depend how good the toon will be

if only whales have collected alot, we prolly get zac as an exchange
if all f2p get too many shot glasses, gatar and kal to redeem


Gator’s awesome. How dare you.

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Is it not considered really really f_cking shady to be selling museum collection items for a collection that is yet to be confirmed?


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely Can we get some clarification on what these do, will there be a museum collection we dont see pop up… road map?.. something anything other than just the faction collection objective?

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It has to be a museum collection. That is what it clearly states when you tap on the item within the offers you can purchase.

Otherwise anything else is straight up deceptive advertising and Google/Apple/Amazon are going to get busy with a number of refund requests…

Either Scopely is selling items with an unclear use or they meant to release a collection and haven’t realized its not up.

Honestly, I don’t know which one is worse or more likely.


I agree. Nobody would spend to get the 1300 for just two pulls. If that’s the case then it’s a missed opportunity. This is one that should be easily cleared up. @JB.Scopely

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the shot glasses are useless. You’ll get 200 coins if enough people in your faction spend for them!

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But you don’t need to spend to get them?

Why would they make a bag for sale for real money, when there is no clear prize

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