Shorter Wars = Milestones need to be Scaled Down

Upcoming schedule for the next 2 Wars looks like it will be short again, just a day and a half instead of 2+ days. Basically about 18-20 hours shorter.

If that’s so, milestones need to be scaled down as well. Can’t remove 18-20 hours of War and leave milestones still as is.


Most people get 100k on the first day of war, there is no need to lower the milestones as they are pretty easily obtainable as it is

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No, I agree with the originator. In general, shorter the tournament, the milestones should be scale down.

Eg. 1 day raid = 1/2 the usual, 1 day level up = 1/2 the usual.


If there short wars then there blitz
The mac milestone in blitz is 20k
Your post is invalid because blitz is different. Tto all. Out and 2 wars almost back to back to back is A blitz
And also if want 20k blitz milestones reduced
You have some damm crap activity because you can hit 20k in 10 wars which means you’d need to get 2000 roughly yes you might get shitty macthuos but 20k is easy af

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you try getting 100k and have a life when there are only 4-5 active factions in standard war… even if i played ALL weekend, points never get to 100k


Try getting 100k from outside the US


I have and I do, we all play the same game lol

this is not my case and i m one of the 70th best in my region… :wink:

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Typical case of “If I don’t have that problem, nobody else has”. ^^


100% agree
if me and my faction can hit 100k in the first 24 hours of war being f2p I don’t see the problem… there are other posts asking to increase the war reward scale

If war starts at the same time as last time then that is Saturday evening for the UK (and later for Europe). War normally ends around 6am on Monday so those with jobs will miss the last 6 hours or so. Realistically that means 18 hours to get 100k. In dying regions. Against factions who don’t coin or gaf any more.

Inner-region wars need to be Blitz.

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It’s a cross war so the number of factions in your region won’t matter… and if you wanna “have a life” then you miss the milestone… what’s the big deal? Scopely just gave you Friday night to have a life. 2 day wars are so much better.

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Wars that start on a Friday night have always been huge for getting a head start agasint competition whether it was inner or crw. All my japs and Euro and some assuie players are a big part during that time when everyone has been anticipating the war after not having it for a couple of weeks so everyone is trying to fill queue quick and get their 100k. With this war starting Saturday (I assume in the a.m) that means half my faction won’t be available and others have likley made plans that Friday to get drunk and will not be found as early as war starts which means people would need to pop alot more cans then they had to just to reach milestones and do things in the weekend while people who are not in America timezone just struggle to make milestones. Personally idc how long wars are prizes never reflect the effort anyway so it can legit be a day and I would be ok with that but they still should lower the milestones anyway but they won’t because Scopely rather people spend to hit the milestones between coin battles and buying can offers.


It’s a cross region war. Look at calander before posting.

I think the milestones should be lowered but higher tier milestones should also be added for the players that really put in extra effort and carry their teams. Knock the 100k down to 75k and then add a 2nd tier after that of 100k, 150k, 200k, 250k, and 300k. A lot of us in top factions will hit these even in a 2 day war.


What about the war 2 weeks later…?

Yeah, while i usualy score 200 or + on most war’s, i always do most of my point’s on friday night. That war on my timezone only started saturday afternoon. So i got 100k with some dificulty

It doesn’t matter if it’s a CRW or not. For some people CRW might work better, for others it doesn’t. In my main region we are matched with 2 Japanese servers and another halfway dead european server.

There is a huge time difference between EU and Japan. When it’s main time here, even the hardcore japanese players are mostly in bed. And vice versa. Also these regions are full with whales, so it’s pretty rough. ^^

In some regions I can finish 100k in a matter of hours, in others I won’t get anywhere near that while staring at my phone all weekend. So I can understand both kind of players - those who want higher and those who want lower rewards. But with all these different settings, there is no way you’ll find a solution that will please everybody. Region merges could help though.

It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t get all the milestones…

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wars are shorter than usually
that’s why people want lower milestones