Shorter events are great*

Wow, as if knocking a whole day off the duration of the raid tournament wasn’t awesome enough (sarcasm, it’s not awesome) I’m really stoked (also sarcasm, not stoked) by the shorter Solo SR which is now too short to finish on free energy AND finishes at a shítty time of the morning for European players.

You think Scopley are running out of ways to flip the bird at their players and the WHAM they pull out even more surprises

*title also sarcasm


Just gotta swallow being treated like a pig getting ready for slaughter. I kinda stopped caring about start/finish times, cuz having an European CM has clearly done fuck all about it.


I really look forward to the 24 hour fac events with worse rewards than solo events :roll_eyes: and i am so excited to have level up after a level up before a fac level up and then we get another level up after that :roll_eyes: cause i have so much gear from all the gear they give us so i can just level up non stop with no gear shortage :roll_eyes: also i can t4 and max the rush of all my 6* cause they give us so many lilths :roll_eyes: idk what to do with all this generosity scopely :roll_eyes:

Well, you had to see this coming with sr cans being offered in milestones and Sunday roadmap. I don’t see a problem with the length of time of this event.

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1 day 14 hours is plenty of time to finish with free energy


Not if you enjoy sleeping. Finishes 5am Friday UK time so at least 14 hours lost sleeping

I’d also add, this isn’t about reducing events siren to the absolute minimum time possible.

I mean a good 6-8 hours of warring can get you the 200k milestone but does that mean war should be 8 hours?

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No, but 1 day 14 hours isn’t the absolute minimum either.

You need 125 energy to finish. You start with 8, so you need 117 more. At ~ 4 energy per hour regen speed, you need 29.5 hours to finish on free energy. The event lasts 40 hours.


38 hours duration.

Which is 8.5 hours more than you need if you don’t plan on sleeping more than 8.5 hours tonight or tomorrow night

Right 38 hours, my bad.

Your original premise was that it is too short to finish on free energy. That was a false statement, as I’ve proven.

A common tactic is to set an alarm in the middle of the night to use energy and go back to bed. This is the cost of doing it for free.


Shorter level ups are great. Everything else, not.


I like this SCP foundation format.

Scopely log 178 : Today, we plan on THIS TEXT IS CENSORED AAAAAAAAAAAAA, once that goes in place, we will AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. The plan for F2P in the near future is REEEEEEEEEEE. Side note, don’t allow AAAA near AAAA

Agreed its a common tactic.

But wasn’t one that was actually required with the old timer. Hence my need to whine

Fair enough. I would also prefer not to have to do it, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes to get stuff for free in this game.

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Don’t disagree with that. But some of us need our beauty sleep :joy:

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Im a european player and im done whit it whitout use any cans wasent that hard sry to break it for you

It’s even worse for Asia. Event started at midnight, when I was sleeping! So I had to play through 2 sets of sleep.

they should really do 1 hour events
I personally would sink 10k in each survival road to win it
and I’m sure everyone would too
make it happen
1 hour events for the week, milestone should be tripled and only first place gets a prize, 10 5 star tokens yhats ebough

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What am I missing here because 10 Basils and 70k in mod scraps are not worth setting an alarm to wake you up in the middle of the night. Not even in the slightest.

Now that they have also introduce this top 50 bs into every event you can’t even place there without burning a bunch of cans. As if two extra Benedicts make that worthwhile either.

I am fully convinced far too many people who play this game would continue to spend their time and actual money even if the “reward” was a bag of virtual :poop:.

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I am trying to drop down in leagues…Just finished the first level… Sadly I am not dropping. Which means no one in my league is doing much either.