Shortage on gear , medals and league tokens

I feel theres shortage of gear and silver medals.

I cannot ascend anybody due to this, wondering if you can put more silver medals in events for rewards.

Plus I also feel with sclass tiering it drains alot of resources , league tokens and gear.

So hopefully this can be addressed , perhaps an event or something.


for the 1st time ever I am with you on this also the shortage of trainers even trainer offers bring back the old 9.99 trainer offer for 50 of each trainer from bennies to burts

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Bust out that :credit_card:

That’s the whole point. There is no reason that Sclass characters require so many resources, except to slow you down and create shortages. They could hand out more stuff, but then they could have just made upgrading them free.

How do you not have millions of silver medals?

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How can someone need silver medals? They better put more torches

Ascending 4*s would be my guess - individual ones are cheap, but they add up. I’m nowhere near short (about 2m silver, 4k gold), but silver will run out more quickly.

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