Short term plans....Cons


I’m not sure Scopley or some of there employees have thought this business plan through…

The only people to gain from this plan are at the top…when they take there money and run.

I’ve been thinking…

KaliShane for example.
She is the bridge between us the players and fans and the Scopley…
She gets to deliver great news and bad news.
Dealing with a lot and possibly getting blame or praise that maybe wasn’t hers to get.
As time goes on she has been the messenger…but the messages have been evasive…bad or just non existent.
Even sometimes having some of KaliShanes personality or humour mixed in making it seem she is in agreement of these messages.
Like with her personal thoughts…or comments about not been able to release 6*s…that we know exist…but she pretends never have…

When the game dies…and the biggest backlash is expected…
Scopley won’t keep her on for new projects…as they have muddied her name with players…basically they will have stained her career.
So what happens when she goes to another company…assuming she like the video game business.
There is bound to be vocal players of that game that have played WD:RTS
It adds instant dis-trust of what ever other company she works for…if she can even get a job in games industry if this situation blows up and her C.V has Scopley on it.

(I don’t know much about the Battlefront situation but i can’t imagine the hell that community manager is going through in that crap storm.)

Then let’s look at Scopley.
Players are at breaking point here.
They milk the players for everything they can…and move on.
Maybe there contract with Skybound runs out so they don’t care…they have done walking dead…there buried it.
If other company’s do research into how they handled liecences before…sure they made money…but would they risk damaging there product to let Scopley run it…
And about the players and fans of walking dead…
Imagine if every Scopley game is forever low rated in app stores by the players of this game who invested days, weeks, months into this game and thousands of $£€¥ only to be treated like rubbish…
Having thousands be permanent enemy’s of the company.

In other words I’m saying there risking damaging there company, Skybounds reputation and there employees lively hood…over there greed.
Pros and Cons…will it be worth it in the end…?



Scopely, not Scopley :slight_smile:



Based upon what i’m seeing in the regions i’m in, player morale is at an all time low. Even worse than the summer when there was no war. People are sick of all of these level ups and the lack of ascendable 5*'s

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Pretty much. All that money they made from addicts from over the weekend



If they released the OG 5* as ascendables before putting everyone thru the gauntlet of 2 months of lvl ups, how would they sell trainer packs, feast bags, etc.?

They want everyone to be totally gassed before the legacy 5* become ascendable to drive more spending.