Short Raid, lost energy


I am in Brantley, Blue Snow faction, and i lost a raid energy on a 4 second raid. I went into the raid, tried to make an attack, and it said Time Ran Out. My name in game is C.M. Burns


let the game load and refresh itself before you automatically go raid once starting the game


Ok. That sucks though. It was a fresh open. But thanks for the quick reply


This was an old bug.


For an old bug, it happened 20m ago…lol


Aw man I remember it well. Was also happening in territories as well, the other team would “flee” pain in the arse mate. Hope you get a can as compo.


Ignore you haven’t seen an add pop up, you’re likely to lose energy on whatever you try to do when the server recognises you.
Wait for the ad (it’s the only thing guaranteed to work) then give it 10-20 seconds before you raid


I think this has always happened, I remember discussing it a few years ago… it’s the game refreshing once you load it up got the first time so to avoid it happening again, do something before you start to raid?


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