Short on toons, but heres a new 6* Maggie


Title says it all…im just leaving this here for you to understand your bold face lies…arent forgotten.

No how about, older ascendable toon. Not All New



Ofc they’re lying it was clearly as the water…makin old toons ascendables will be like less people pulling for promos so less money for them so not gonna happen , money first.


They’ll break the meta, just make sure to spend on the non-overpowered 6* promos instead!


meta breaking glenn!! confuses two enemies for a turn! priya? 3 enemies for 2 turns?? nah she was fully balanced…


Maggie, Ezekiel, Rick, Jesus and Shiva. Don’t seem that short to me. BS.


Good. I’m glad.


Further evidence of the outright lies that get passed along from upper management.




Don’t forget all the new shiny Christmas must have toons. They have what 6 or 7 of those…here’s a new maggie…beware tho that Glenn is scary meta breaking amazeballs


Yeah would like that they describe how those leaked ascendable will break the “meta” i mean how will they break that meta in their heads, i mean whats their thinking like: listen dear not spender if we gave you that OP will kill all the promos toons and our spender will be angry… how in your word debs, @kalishane is that gleen going to break the meta?


I would like some responses to all of the threads like this…

I think it’s very obvious that you’ve been tip toeing around the topic.

We’re done with excuses.

And 5s as war prizes? This is utter BS. The only way this becomes mildly acceptable is if you launch their 6 versions right when war starts.

Come on now. Whyyyyyyyyyyy.


Because people will still war and spend like mad… I think if they lost money on wars they would stop and think a bit. They don’t because well ego’s.


Wasn’t this Maggie a roadmap ally a long time ago? Seems familiar for some reason


money first blah blah blah. do you people also go to the theater and rage when you didn’t like the movie and demand a refund. Go to a restaurant and complain they are charging money for food, or the service was terrible and you want a refund. If service was terrible I wouldn’t be back to that place again, and I wouldn’t leave a tip, but some of you would probably yelp or throw a fit in the restaurant. What else are you people tired of that costs money, because this is pretty funny, everything costs money and a business stays in business by putting money first over everything else. I admit I am still amazed daily by all these threads and comments.


So…Your saying to Stop Spending…right?



It’s not just the money, we get that. To use your analogy, it’s like a theater is offering a free screening but then they tell you, oh we can’t do that right now but if you want to watch a movie you have to pay for it.

I don’t have a problem with Scopely putting out premier toons. When Ascension was announced, I fully expected it. I just don’t understand when they made a specific list of 12 existing characters that would become ascendable and gave a 6 month time frame, in 2 months they’ve only released one yet released 10 premier toons plus Dwight.

The remaining 11 existing toons could very well be put in the premier wheel. Very few have all 12. And if their 6-star version is good, players will pay for pulls - especially now you can pull a straight 6-star.


I don’t have to say it but you probably already know what needs to be done. A handful of people, or even 100 people not spending isn’t going to affect this game or the business. Every last player needs to stop, but try making that happen when you can’t even get a faction of 30 ppl following a war theme. I don’t tell anyone what to do except for, stop complaining.




Oh no… im going to still come on forums…

If for no other reason than you seem to care… why? I dont know…