Shop items need updating


Please update General Shop Items. Remove items no one buys like Ceasefire. Anyone that buys a 7 Day Ceasefire for 1,500 coins is either on meth or crack. Also, help me help you. Add gold medals to buy. Otherwise, I can’t ascend to 6*s and buy trainer packs and other offers. TIA


Maybe ceasefire for 1500 coins is their best seller,lmao


Ascendance medals would be a good addition. Throw in some 3* and 4* weapon parts and Adens/Liliths/Ulysses and I think the shop would be a million times better than the current crap that’s in there.

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Imagine the amount of pancakes you could buy if you just sold Wrinkled shirts/gloves scopely…


Sweet Jesus, why did you suggest that? Now they’ll nerf drops and sell for sure.