Shiva's Stun Active Skill Not Working


Since the update shivas active skill does not work at all no stunning.


Mine was working ok earlier?..


Perhaps the enemy had a shield on him?


Mine is working fine, as well. Could you record a video, maybe we could help more with that.



Mine works fine. Just raided and did SR.


So I think this is just a bug in SR does the Active skill not reset?


yes thats exactly it


Ah that is what is going on because Carl’s also is not working now that I tried his as well. (just use his less)


From those two pictures, all i see that you used a melee attack and killed a walker with shiva?

Its 1 less walker and shiva gained 20 ap which is a basic hit.

Am i missing something?


Shiva’s Active Skill uses is 0, so no more active skill for it.


He’s showing the active bar for Shiva did not increase after an attack. This is because the # of active skill uses is not resetting in SR.


Its just that the active is not charging in sr tournament after the max number of uses was met the first time. There’s already a thread on this