Shiva's got a new animal friend! (Custom Toon)


Would be nice to see some animal toons in RTS! So have this fine bird lady!

Name: Relliva
Age: Late Teen’s - Early 20’s
Former Occupation: Hair Stylist

Trait: Alert
Stats: 1,934 Attack 1,503 Defense 1,388 HP

AR: Raven’s Sweep 66 AP
Deal 650% Damage To One Enemy, This Character Gets +20% Bonus HP

Active Skill: AP Down
Starting Cooldown: 2 Turns
Cooldown: 3 Turns
Numbers Of Uses: 4
-25% AP To 2 Enemies

Specialist Skill: Decapitate

Leader Skill: Does Not Have One

Hope You Guys Like Her!


Not even the TV show would jump the shark this bad


Eh, with Scopely making things like Lucille Patrol, anything’s possible.


Shiva has no friends. She is dead.


Two words

Frickin furries


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Look if u are cool I’m ok with you but most aren’t they are just weirdos and freaks.




I would post an image here about Jesus and Furries but I’m afraid I’ll get banned. I think it was the reason my Regular rank got revoked.


I should get regular rank smh, I’m here all the time


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Seriously though, op is hilarious, from his username to some of his post and drawings…:joy: :joy: kudos sir…


That’s no animal. That’s an alien


This was meant to be a serious thread but it went to shit.