Shiva self healing on claws not working [SOLVED]


I seem to be having an issue with the self healing on my shiva claws! I added it twice and can see no healing. Is this a visual glitch? Just need clarification. Ty


Which special trait are you talking about?
Most skills are conditionnals (30% chance to activate) so maybe that’s just it.


Hmmm it’s all down to RNG. You might just be unlucky


I’m not definitive on this, but doesn’t self healing claws heal at the beginning of each wave so if you are using it in raids or war, they will not work as the first wave is when you load in and you are already at full health


I’m definitely positive that the ones that activate on each wave don’t work in raids. There’s also an AP gain that works like that and everybody though that it was every turn at first. Sadly, it’s not.


Yep 8% ap to all every wave would be much better than just 8% round 1.


Like @Justabox said in his last videos, most special trait would be much better if they refreshed them. There really is a lot of them and some could be pretty good if they were made as strong as stun or absolute defense. Right now, no point in going for most…


Sorry but 80% HP to self is only going to be useful on those rough SR stages where you are taking a lot of damage vs humans or maybe walkers…

It is not a competitive trait in raiding or war and not worth the materials.


The self healing 80% at beginning of each wave! Just doesn’t seem to work.


Might need to add. Doesn’t work during ----- Insert here!


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