Shiva roadmap yayyy

First of all thanks scopley

I will be spending during this event
Iv always wanted a full shiva team with Ezekiel lead

I’m curious what type of teams are going to be comprised within these road maps as iv never seen a s10++ team before only outside FA negan

Shiva one my fav characters from the comic book series for the ten issues until her death in issue 118. She dies to zombies sacrificing herself to save ezekiel from saviours RIP

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is it only ptp of we dont know yet

Yep. Typical scopley. $4.99 would have been a price I would be willing to spend for a Shiva. However, that deal leaves you 10 short, more spending.

think the way iv worked it out if next offer is the same value as the last offer I brought for 17 pounds

I would have paid a total of 39 pounds for two shiavs you paid that anyways for a 10 pull

How much did it cost you to get that far lol way more then a 10 pull

This is probably one of the P2P (yes, this event is P2P as of last Thursday) events that is worth the spend, I estimate that it will cost $40-50 for all 3 Shivas. Worth it if you ask me.

How’d you get the bunnies? I ran out.

Not sure. We got free dead rabbits, maybe we’ll get more daily?

It’s 5 dollars for 10 rabbits you need 250 rabbits do the math and they increase as the sales go up how does that come out to 50 dollars … more like 200 dollars or more

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How much did that cost or did you Russian hack it

I’m not a hacker

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Well how much did it cost then ffs

Why does this look badly photoshopped…

FYI You can’t get all 3 , the mittens are used up when you claim the toon so it’s either Winter + Regular OR Albino . I stuck at completing the first stage , always wanted Shiva in a Santa hat (That cost me around $10)

How did it cost you 10 bucks is the next bunny sale 5 bucks ?

Scopely is obviously hard up for Christmas spending cash with the insane overflow of daily offers and ridiculous ptp events. They’d probably get money quicker holding cardboard signs on freeway off-ramps. This is why they continue to lose longtime players on a daily basis. Merry Christmas Scroogely!

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I bought offer 1 and 2 because I felt hard done by being 10 short after 1st purchase. Offer 3 has just popped up and obviously leaves me short for stage 3. How much is offer 4 and is that it or is there offer 5?

~6500 рублей

How much is offer 3. Do u have a screenshot? Thanks