Shiva roadmap 15 chars

Will there be a roadmap for the dead bunnies needed to do the shiva roadmap? Or will it be p2p only?

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What dead bunnies are are you talking about

in the store where else $$$$$$$$$

wondering where they ll sell those rabbits :smiley:

how many rabbits are in that 975 gold crate btw ? A chance to get some or some guarenteed ?

They gave 10 free

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Now short by 10 rabbits to finally get a Shiva.

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240 Rabbits total for White Shiva. Well 230 after the “generous” free offering.

So if you aren’t lucky enough to land that 3% chance at 100 you’ll need 16 crates at 975 coins or 15,600 coins - almost two big pulls.

Yes it’s gauranteed but well overpriced. What a joke.


i ll get myself a christmas shiva probably since i made a ten pull for harber and got some rabbits there and not gonna spend for over that.

I saw the leaks from vk and thought maybe albino Shiva would cost something around a $100 and that’s a decent price but $200 no thanks

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Will they off 10 free a day?

Or just is it just a tease?

A tease most likely. 10 rabbits was already generous! A rabbit above the said 10 would be too much already! /sarcasm

Also, they had to put in Christmas Shiva smh.

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and i thought that people at Christmas are changing. Not at Scopely xD


Oh yay. More boring carl/shiva/zeke/glen/Wyatt teams incoming


It’s actually not bad if you want the lowest costing Shiva. It’s only close to 2k coins guaranteed…


How’d you get to 2,000?

My maths suggested about 8x as much

Should have clarified. By first Shiva, I meant the lowest costing one, which is 1k gloves.