Shiva road to survival 1

Is currently on offer at 1750 coins. I don’t have Shiva at the minute and only have 2 5* ascendables. I have the coins saved, is it worth buying or waiting till I have 2200 for pulls on premier recruits

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Too bad I don’t have this offer…

Shiva is still decent, ecpecially if you don’t have a lot of 6* yet, and the price seems very well worth it. Premier pull has a very high chance of giving you absolutely nothing, so unless you are looking to spend a lot of money on this, I would recommend going for guaranteed offers instead - they are rare for gold, but they do exist.


is it a newer region?

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Not sure, Robertson eu


if you run a Melee team, Shiva’s still useful on Offense.
She can even work on Defense teams, with ability to stun on her AS and Stun Claws (if you get lucky with armory).


If both options are even flip a coin. I have that Shiva and never use it. But she does come with a war refill and some five star tokens I guess.

OP states that they are not sitting on a “toolkit” of 6* characters. Probably a much better idea to go for the guaranteed Shiva than to gamble with coins and get a bunch of 4s or a non-ascendable 5.

Shiva isn’t current “meta”, but still is one of the better 6*s for FTP.

Between a guarantee and a chance for something, I would consider the guarantee every time.

I still use Shiva on my attack team, so I would go with Shiva.

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Damn… wish I had this offer. I have every Shiva except the original 6* one

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