Shiva Promo Christmas Gift

I thought it would be great to give everyone a Santa Shiva promo for free on christmas/newyear gift but no, you gotta pay for it Merry Christmas. :sob::sob::sob:sHU37uH_8HYL3UXivulLeA!nXkiA5aHLzQ


Merry Christmas! Keep surviving!


… Thanks for the heads up. We should all stop playing this Christmas and spend time with oour families and loved ones :slightly_smiling_face: Scopely is already having their holidays, doubt there will be any changes or new gifts…


I think it was obvious she gonna be promo shivas sell really well lol and at least she’s worth money for she’s a similar set up to 6* abe heal self and indomitable for active and specialist and they can work well especially when you boos

Boost hp on shiva with carl *

She’s permanent right, if you get her you can use her year round?

Wait, people actually thought she’d be free?


Surprise surprise all the Xmas toons were promos. And all we got from Scopley was a knife sheath/tripod/glove.
MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! :joy: :christmas_tree::tada::snowman_with_snow::santa:


You greedy ungrateful lil bishes.

Can’t you be happy for one moment with the free sport gauntlet and all the amazing gifts (food, 250 weap toks, flak etc.) you got for only 12 days of farming?


I am grateful that whales are gonna have one more toy, they deserve it. Others can play with joshua.

You have high expectations of a company run by idiots.


Well if you have to play for it, it isn’t considered a gift is it? It requires effort after all, collecting, having toons to level, having something to play events with. Blue glenn (trashy one) was a (free) gift and point of Christmas was giving. Scopely gave 2 robots as only gift out of 12, and it wan’t actual gift at all.


The problem is that scopley just thinks about immediate paychecks. They don’t realize that giving us one of the Christmas characters would boost morale and people would want to buy more.


It can be counted only as middle level of effort prize, which even not all will be able to get after all. Some are new or weak and depend on faction success so they will be getting coal for Christmas. I am against of giving stuff without effort and competing but thing is scopely didn’t even try to make this event interesting nor did they gave anything free (gift), that is the main point of this whole lethargic event. Like janitor is left in office and everybody from team went to holiday 3 months ago, he did his best with that broom tho.

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Hmm, that bad?
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:joy: :rofl::joy:, that quote by that person. Perfect response

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