Shiva Payback setup

I’ve tested Payback Shiva in the last 2 days in dozens of matches and payback triggered 1 time…
It is my first payback toon and I’m a little bit confused… I’m trying to keep defense and hp as low as I can (!!!) but nothing works.
Am I working on the wrong direction? Should I max the hp and hope to receive some strong adrenaline rush?

This is my current mod set… the weapon is still at the base setting.

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payback triggers when the energy does 30% or more of the max HP in damage. I assume the enemy is not doing enough to activate or the damage they are doing is not that much over

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You zry exactly the opposite as what i would do.
Hp and defense as high as possible that she survives to possibly rush. She will be taken out by very few basic attacks otherwise, most probably already dead r1 in this setup

a maxed 6* Shiva has 2251 hp so Payback triggers in a damage range between 676 and 2250 (no bleeding and no normal damage). Correct?

More 750 to 2550 or?

And it only ever triggers on a rush. That shiva would die fairly easily with basic hits.

What attack team are you using?

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a bleeding team with Pete… so she dies easily but revive immediately. Actually auto-mode defense doesn’t focus on Shiva but focus on other toons.

Payback doesn’t trigger when Shiva dies?
In that case the 676/2500 range is useless… Prya, Princess, Krista can kill her easily… in that case she will be useful only against lower range S-Class toons (and I don’t need more defense against that kind of toons)

p.s. sorry for my poor English, trying to do my best

6 star Shiva …or 6 star any payback vs s class teams arent very good unless they auto play. Basic attacks are just too powerful. Plus Shiva isn’t an attacking toon…atk mods are not the way to go! Hp mods, no defensive, are the only way you’ll keep her alive to maybe see a rush

Your english is quite good, don’t worry!

Bleed teams wouldn’t trigger a payback, because it isnt flat damage taken with the rush.
Try using someone like yellow michelle, or priya. Hit the shiva with their rush and you’ll see payback activate.

you are right… but I would never use Shiva against human controlled team cause I think that every team can easily kill her.
At the moment I’m just testing it and trying to find a balance but evidence for now is that is a toon that is not worthing an S-class upgrade

Would a Priya rush cause payback as her ar is a basic attack, sure it does just can’t remember

Yes it would, its still an ar

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Thought so Ty🤗

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You want to buff up HP not defence that and shiva has to be hit with a a rush for payback to trigger.

Also she is more of a defence toon.

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