Shiva Force 6* ascendables

@kalishane will all the shiva force characters be ascendable like rick and michonne and jesus? and when will you release an old character as an ascendable. your making new ones but you aint making the old ones new. and more 5* ascendables as rewards pleaseeeee

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From what I heard and what I know now, we’ve been given 5 free ascendables up to Vincent and Maggie. Not that I’m complaining (I will start praying everyday to God if we get a free Alpha). As for old epics made ascendable, that’ll be rare to see. They’ll most likely just make new ascenables because that will mean people have to buy the 5⭐ form from premier.

For what they announced and promised
Six stars can only come from existing five stars

I don’t care how reality looks like
Fact is fact

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I would like you to ascend to green negan, classic michonne, andrea blue? wow the truth we need more variety in the 6 *

me gustaría que asciendan a negan verde, michonne clásica, andrea azul? wow la verdad necesitamos mas variedad en los de 6*