Shiva event no fair

How is it fair to have the shiva event only for players above s8 teams that probably dont even need shiva… typical scopely thanks for nothing again guys…


I though it was a p2p event


Aparantly not hust another event only for high lvl characters… good to see they care for there lower player base…

Just a thought

Maybe they wanted to provide special end game content.

Maybe they didn’t want to deal with the forum cries when weak teams can’t beat the roadmap

Idk but ys it matter. It’s a pay for entry event anyways and those toons are largely obsolete.


So how do you get the dead rabbits?

Ah righto… this game seems to be largely centered around only the player base that cam afford to pay to play it… so many things for those that pay nothing for those that dont. The percentage on character pulls is an absolute joke


Call Elmer Fudd



That was perfect :joy:

I had free dead rabbits in a bag, 10 of them, in the offers section.

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You have to buy them, you get the first few free to run a couple of stages but thats it

You can but 2 crates with rabbits 4 coins(1000coins for 1) so you need 2 to finish the roadmap

I was excited that we had something new to do in the game then I saw it was a p2p event. Damn Scopely…Merry Christmas to you too. Not going to spend money on this game.


You would think that even the players that pay to play would like something they did not have to pay for


To me it’s not really a pay to play event for spenders it is a SNIP event.
New players

They know p2p people probably already have them, but more then anything they know new people will be like oh look only $5 get to only a certain point, then keep losing because their to weak. New people won’t put 2 and 2 together think oh look another cheap offer and keep repeating.

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Lol now that was funny.

Nothing about this game is fair.
What did you expect without spending money for these incompetent developers?


The lack of information is what really makes this a Scoply event.
Always the same BS, is it hard to tell players straight up that it’s a P2W roadmap?
There’s already a P2W tourney (SR) so why hide? why trick? why mislead? It’s been like this for effin’ 3years.
I hope new players ditch this game fast cuz it ain’t worth it

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We’re at a point where if we turn back, it will be all for nothing and the money that anyone actually spent on this game would be wasted.

The plus side, the game is soft on my data so its convenient to just pick up and grind to waste time

The game has been running for over 3 years, I see hondrets of players with the latest shealds /revives during crw… U call them incompetent, I call them genius (^_-)

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Thats’s why I said ‘‘new players’’ cuz as someone who’s been here since the beginning I can understand being hard to ditch all your progress & all that you’ve saved. But because of that I also see things that never change. Just google the CEO of scoply and you’ll be surprised at how the fuck to they get away with keeping their players in the dark & even going so far as to mislead/trick you into stuff. They’ve never been transparent but you have to be smart to see through their antics and BS.
Hence why I’ll never buy anything in this game, watching ads for 3 measly coins is bad enough.