Shiva claws upgrades

Can someone advise if and how I can upgrade the basic stats on Shivas claws?

Well being you went with revive I would go huge bonus while attacking in the defense spot and try for 35 attack being you have to kill to revive. Or if you wanna be safe you could add all attack but I would try for huge bonus

Are you asking what to do next or actually where to go to upgrade a basic stat?

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Uhhh yes, you can upgrade the basic stats. In your armory just choose “Upgrade Basic Stats” and choose your claws.

I’d reset and go for stun, you have no idea how its saved me against shields and situations, these are mine

How do I choose stun on Shivas claws? That would be a huge bonus. Revive claws are not great

Slayer 3

Actually revive claws are great but yes stun is better.

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Here is a quick sheet on adding special stats


Stun, huge boost to ap when attacking, and 35% attack is what mine have and they work wonders.

While I agree stun is the best mod, revive is also a pretty rare mod.
It’s going to be painful to reset it.

If you have the luxury of having more than 1 shiva, I’d retain this mod and just upgrade the other for stun.


I got huge attacking 38% att and 30% def

I like revive on the claws. It is nice when it works.

I’d say it also depends on what lead you have for Shiva.

If you are one of the poor players (like me) who cannot get his hand on Carl, then you might want to reconsider boosting DEF instead of ATT.
Red is going to be more common in F2P (Mirabelle, Gov, Lucas coming soon) and they can hit her pretty hard.

Yeas I am not a big spender, I’ve reset them now and gone for slayer 3 THANKS GUYS

Well it’s the revive thing on killing so logically you would want More damage on the claws

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