Shiva ar nerfed?


Was it 76 all weekend?


Mine aswell wtf is going on with this game.


Thank you :+1:t2:


Good question, I honestly didn’t notice




Mine is currently 66


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No, it was 66 as usual


So any updates? My Tyreese’s AR is still bugged, it’s already slow, so it really isn’t funny that now I need an extra round to be able to use his rush. We’re supposed to be getting war, we need our toons to perform as they were designed, that’s why we chose them.


Shivas been fixed for over 24hrs


My Tyreese is stuck at 95. I actually upgraded his AR with an Aden and is stayed at 95. It’s ridiculous.


Is his AR maxed? Not every AR lvl up reduces the speed of the rush. Check the drop down menu


See notices not all lvld reduce the AP, some increase damage etc


It seems to have been fixed


True, it was the lvl 2 -> lvl 3 upgrade (so it opened the line atk, didn’t change his AR speed), my bad. I’m gonna go hide in the corner now. Feel free to throw stones :frowning:


It’s cool bud, it caught most of us out.