Shirts to obtain Dwight


Can we please get shirts from anything else but another level up event. I won’t make it.


How many shirts you got so far?


7200, trying my best to complete the SR Event since that fiasco with the Level Up lead us all to not have enough stuff to get the shirts we need.


I got 825 shirts. Got 250k points the solo lvl up before SR tourney, made it past elite and got stuck on legendary in SR tourney, and wasn’t prepared for the last solo level up so I didn’t hit the first milestone. I need to get the rest of my shirts from some event that isn’t a lvl up.





I’m 105 short atm, will need to hit 500k from this next level up.

I’m farming for shirts and gloves like a madman!


Don’t give up guys. Just ascend a 5* if you can, and you’ll be up to par. Tier 3 6* gives like 100k points a pop. Three day level up, so lets keep hope alive :slight_smile:


I have like 100 extra shirts but I’m short 50 barbed wire :confused:


There’s a catch up day which is code word for purchasing a box with a chance at the items. That means if we don’t hit the 500k milestone or able to get Dwight this next level up, we’re gonna need to buy the items in low amounts. :cry: well I hope not.


I’m okay with buying them as long as I get Dwight. All I care about


Like I said before, if they wanted us to pay to get Dwight, they would’ve (and should’ve) put him in premier recruits. If this is the way it turns out, this will be the worst event I’ve ever played in. It’s not much of an event if over half of the active participants may not get him due to not having enough resources for the constant level up tourneys.


They’re vests. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I need 105 but out of toons to level