Shirts and Gloves?

Where is the offers for these ? Ran out after the 1,256,733,567,110 level up.

For the love of god take my coins for these please


Just give it like 2 minutes, an offer will pop up.

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A haha that was my hope :wink:

Wooohooo! Ty Scopes :wink:

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I find this offer usually pops on Thursdays. Often it’s twice a week, but Thursdays are very common.


Yeah it may have been last Thursday / Friday when I last seen it. Skipped over it cus I had a decent stash at the time lol.

Will never ever skip it again… my god lol so much farming to finish Eric :see_no_evil::joy:

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I had it today.

Another reason we need coins back for all leagues.


I have reverted to farming the bridge world map

Yeahnit did pop up, that’s why I thanked Scopely earlier lol. Was 4 up so I bought them all.

Also agree about the league coins!!

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