Shirts and gloves

There’s needs to be a solution to this constant problem. Older players like myself don’t want to farm for these stupid items. Make a roadmap 10x. Or make them craftable somehow. He’ll give me 500 as a milestone instead of a random elite gear piece.


Incoming shirt/glove offer for $99.99.


Allow crafting of shirts and gloves with wood. Immediate infinite improvement to the game.


That would be perfect.

Shirts and gloves are not an issue. It’s survivors. They need to increase the survivor drop rate.

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best solution…and wood only!!!

both are an issue, at least for me…tired of the constant farming…long time player at the end of the road I guess.

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23.8 drops anywhere from 10-28 survivors… that’s pretty good

Just play the new gear roadmaps. I’ve gotten plenty from there without spending cans.

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Don’t agree. I farm that stage often, Well I used too… Averaged about 8-11 survivors. Stopped doing that level. Just stick to the usuals now.

I do lower ones too. Mix of shirts and gloves and Liliths. Best bang for the energy.

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There’s a reason it’s called Road to Survival

…though it should be called Road to $urvival

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