Shirts and gloves for training


Can we have the option of buying shirts and gloves from gear depot using tokens, say 5000 tokens for 800 shirts or gloves. With the increased survivors from world map, those basic gears have become the bottle neck in leveling up. And the roadmap every Thursday is just a waste of time and boring to the bottom. Please make it happen.


Yes, Agree


Yes please. I would love the option of buying shirts & gloves.


Who said they would not consider it? Sometimes things happend I don’t see how it would’nt


Or 500 tokens for 100 to make it less and maybe lil more convincing.


Long enough to have trust lvl 3 :slight_smile:


Well I don’t find any problems when it comes to that topic. The players first is something they need to take responsibility for. I see you pointed our RNG crates. That’s just optional incase someone would find it useful. The odds will be displayed later according to @kalishane. However no one has answerd in the longest while which makes this community worried that we are not getting answers. Also I’m FTP and I find wars competetive :slight_smile: and fun.


Okay! I just dont like some of the toxicity. Sorry for interupting it’s all free spech and you can give feedback however you want as long as it isn’t all attacks. :smile:


When 5* first came out there was no t4 gear, ppl used then in t3, it was still fun. I agree they are creating too big of a bottle neck but at the same time they have to hold back on how they they release stuff to preserve the life of the game, I just wish they would hold back new p premiers in the same way and stop trying to jump in everyone pocket




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