Shirt and Gloves map - drastic nerf

One of the worst long term none event moves by Scopely in a very long time.
The old shirt and gloves RM gave out 7 shirts/gloves per re-run.
The new one gives out 1.
This is blatantly designed to make us spend coins on the shirt and gloves crate since this RM used to be the main source of shirts and gloves and when it was at 7 per rerun there were still many of the player base that needed the crates to top up regularly.

This is a terrible move. Can this be brought up in PC please @Parker @LadyGeek et al?


Yes look at the greed of acopley they want us to apend on even on very basic needs of this game. Shame on u f.scopley


Exactly, even 7 felt a bit low and I still needed to top up by getting the crates whenever they are available. So to decrease the quantities by that much is ridiculous.

I hope this is fixed asap, preferably by next week.


I cancelled SC because of this. My informal survey earlier this week found SC to be a waste by a resounding majority. But when I ran that map I went straight to the setting and cancelled.

:fu: whoever thought this was a good idea



Need immediate attention to this.


peeps are complaining almost every week about not having that 70 gear coin offer.

It probably gave scopely incentive for them to make this change.


Bunch of BS on Scopley part. First they starve us for lvl gear, now why even bother to play. I would buy the offer for 70 coins to supplement my trainers. Now after 5 years playing this game, it just maybe coming to an end.
This is the bitch slap to end it. Oh yeah, also noticed the survivor drop on end map is nerfed, drops were better before, now some days can burn a can and not even fill the meter, pathetic.


Bad form Scopely…
Bad form!!


I thought I was crazy. Drops on the end stages are terrible now. Was usually three runs tops to fill survivors. Now they are dropping below 30.


The max I’ve been getting have been in the 60s and it used to be in the hundreds for max.


That 70 coins gear was needed as 7 item drops was not enough.
How 1 will be enough now?

Either a drop lead means something, or not.
Defo a droplead should increase the item drop. So why is not applyable anymore?

Everytime they do something good, they make 5 steps back with these kind of decisions.


fusk that chit scopely, you greedy bactardc!

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Will the gear drops stay this way or go back to how they were when the map was actually useful sir?


You are better off asking in Discord, I don’t think they really pay any attention to the Forums anymore, sadly.

I haven’t been grinding (re-running after completion) the basic gear map myself, so didn’t feel any change as the initial run gives pretty much the same amount for 8 less energy, but I am quite concerned about the survivors.
A long term average was around 60 (without bonus) with occasional drops as low as single digit (twice had even zeros in the 2.4 yrs of play) and rare maximums in the 110s…
I was in vacation last week, so played a lot less and thought that my survivor shortage was the result of lower activity. Had a real piss-poor can run with 36 survivors per run on average today so was ready to jump ln the complaint ship too…

But… using a total 23 runs on the map today (with survivor boost), I have filled my grounds with 376 toons total, that’s 1,880 survivors at cca 81 survivors per run or 58 without survivor boost. That’s pretty close to the long term average, so no real nerf evidence… (yeah, I did a couple roadmaps and some 10 SR stages, but that barely upped the count)

Its the gear maps that have been nerfed… severely.
An old single run would have got you 5+5+6+6+7+7 from the drops on top of the completion gloves and shirts. Every run after that would have got you 7 per map. The current maps give you 1+1+1+1 on the drops on top of completion gloves and shirts and then just 1 on each map afterwards. There is absolutely no way anybody can say that there is no real nerf evidence. Come on @YSpammer we get enough of that from our politicians.


There are several other threads about this map nerf. I went back to farming world maps hoping to keep my gear supply.

5-1 is my current farm

I thought it was a bug plus I think there was usually 6 stage only 4 this time but you get double for completing the stage

Wow, throwing me in the same lot with politicians… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
All I said was that I didn’t notice the change, not that there isn’t any. I have never been paying attention to the single stage drops, just the first completion rewards that does seem the same.

As I would not grind the map before or now, I am not all that much affected, but not saying it’s completely alright and I do think you all have right to speak up and diss Scopely for the nerf.

What I have a real problem with are the survivors and I stepped in to dispell the notion about a nerf in this area. Because only the vile politicians would harp on one real problem and them blow it out of proportion labelling everything as bad just to gain the complaint momentum

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Btw, we did have a call on some of the new roadmaps. But as it was Friday evening it fell into the void between the Recap being posted and next week’s starting lol.

We’re having follow up talks next week as well to double down on points made. Points like - more gear amounts and higher survivor drops.

I like the new wave reduction changes but I think a couple things like above got overlooked. So hopefully we’ll help iron them back in