Shipwreck bug rewards not there



I had shipwreck at the end everyone got the box and lilith except me. Faction onslaught popped up and everything disappeared. Can I please get the box and lilith like everyone else?


Contact support


Hahahahaha , contact support. Thatsfunny


Works sometimes.


It’s better to contact support then write a thread that nobody will comment on and do nothing about


You get more help from players here than the scopely support team offers.


Not all the time.


What will the players do? can you access her account and Grant her rewards that she lost?


Of course not noddy , but i reckon she has had more responses from the forum than support. Read the forum , plenty of decent players in the community with way better fixes and offers of help than scope support. I,ve been waiting a month for raid issues to be resolved. Got more offers of help and suggestions for a fix from this community than scopes offered. Broken promises


Still tho all the players can do is offer support like “oh that sucks” scopley can actually fix it so telling someone to use support is helping them because there’s nothing we can do other than contact support


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