Shiny new forums - any chance of getting answers here? FAO Kalishane Scopely


So… still waiting on Scopely response to my question in the old forum about 750 tokens from the SR event. We need another 750 to do a pull and there has not been any further milestones or opportunities to get them. The collection finishes in 8 hrs - any chance you can get this addressed by then?

Also I was farming the roadmaps to get a last pull and they’ve now disapeared with 8 hrs left why have they disapeared?


Looking into this for you!


ty :smiley:


I know there is a new SR tomorrow. Checked with Liveops, at the end of the event they convert to whatever we have them set to convert to. DId yours convert last time?


This is the first time these tokens have been given out, according to the original post they will convert to supply depot points. The point is 750 were given out as a milestone from previous SR road, but u need 1500 to do a pull. As the collection ends soon this milestone was useless for everyone. You could fix this by having more time on the collection and another 750 milestone from the upcoming SR road