Shields revaluation : post your suggestions

Hi there,

Maybe I’m not the only one to wish human shields were not so obsolete now.
All the tactics we used to invent to bypass those characters just vanished because of confusion/stun active skills. Second turn defenses with a shield still work but it’s easy to defeat them with tanky attack teams.

What about giving a resistance/immunity status to the future 6* shields ? Exactly like Negan’s faction assault have : a certain percentage of resistance against debilitating statuses, especially stun/confusion. We could bring back strategy in this game lol

So you asking to make shield type characters more powerful to allow them to be the dominate must have defense character to give the game more strategy?

I think it’s the exact opposite. It is a powerful skill that can be used the first turn of a defense. There is no offense other then stun that can effect or interrupt this the first turn. Stun does not always activate but shield always does.

Focus and taunt and all the others take time to charge up. Shield does not. A shield with a critical defense weapon is extremely hard to beat.


I run an ap down lee with coral as lead, + 2x 6* as back up and sr ezekiel. l get around 17-20 defends and 3-4 defeats overnight, so it all depends on the rest of the team and weapons. What I would say is that magna isn’t the top hs anymore, and abs michonne can be taken down by those greens with ease, konrad by ty. Sure, to counter lee you have mira, but it’s still gonna be harder than against the others. At least that’s my experience from crw.

Sounds like a job for the raider level 3 35% attack buff special on a mirabelle.

It has been like you said since the beginning of the game (or at least when HS characters were born).
Now they are almost useless.

The first turn resistance is a pretty good idea though. Could be an active skill dedicated to shields, each level giving a percentage of resistance.

In my opinion shields are not everything in a defense team it’s always been what you have behind the shield that made the difference. Having a shield means that for one turn you will basically have to deal with the shield till you either kill it or disable it in order to get to what other characters that would have the potential to ruin your whole team. Until we are back in the days of having turn two rushing defense teams then having a shield is a wasted slot right now. If we have a six star Shield it will still always be a major piece to the puzzle for future teams. Maybe a mirabelle team with 3 alphas with crit and double attack specials with the shield LoL.

Good thing about shields in defense, except being annoying with a good weapon buff is that you cannot pick the character you want to attack (if the shield isn’t disabled) or neutralize with an active skill.

Scopely, save human shields please!

You all are aware that you are effectively comparing fantasy level teams? In an ideal setting where you have all the options shields can be easy to deal with.

If you have a mostly 6* level team and a 5* shield then yes it does take longer to build the rushes but the sheer attack power of a normal 6* is three times that of a 5* so would one hit of a 6* not equal three of the 5* match? Thus your still putting out loads of damage without the use of a shield.

If a player does not have a weapon nor a character to combat a shielded team be it 5* or 6* based that player is basically wrecked.

A single character can totally ruin a raid. That alone should raise eye brows.

People used to spend for this kind of game changing skill back in the days.
The difference between F2P and P2W players is really thin today.

The 5* balance has changed for sure and free players have 6* but the pay players in my region still have a massive lead and edge. Their teams are designed more around what they want then what they have.

In general I felt like the reward system created the largest imbalance which has been normalized to a degree. The top faction no longer has a control over every single event by a large margin. It was normal to see the top score double then second in every event.

I would say it lessons the gap between the whole group and allows others hope of reaching top levels. Without financials I would think instead of having whales as your income generators you now have schools. They both eat same amount of food just loosing one fish vs a whale has less impact on the bottom line.

Of course I could be way off on this but never know.

A 6s stat toon would be hugfely valuable, no need to further buff.

I also think any shield should have a fixed weapon. Would a real cost to equipping them with the best weapon.

All I’m seeing is people just begging for Scopely to put out some OP 6* premier Human Shield II. No thanks.

Existing shields won’t be fixed (nor should they). We’ll be lucky if they keep the specialist skill if they ever become ascendable.