Shields are killing this game

now give us a free shield, a real 6 star shield not andrea





This thread will totally be pushed to the top of list :+1:

en liga ya salio un curador y un resucitador seguro el proximo es un escudo ajaja

You mean about the logic of asking for more of the thing that you just said is killing the game?


I believe the “logic” hear, is that people got really whingy over revives yesterday, and today a F2P revive is released.

So if they get pi$$y over a shield…

if thats the case…we need to bitch about not having disarm, lol. way more important, imo


It wasn’t bitching about not having revives, it was more about how many revives P2W guys have, and how the revive mechanic is unfair and other whingy whinges about how it turns out not spending anything on team won’t help you beat a guy who has spent a small fortune…

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im aware, i read it. yesterday revive is broken and the meta is fvcked, today its the greatest shizzy around. f2p revive being added doesnt solve a ‘not fun’ meta, it makes it worse

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I don’t care about a f2p shield
I want a f2p disarm


well people complained about revives are killing the game, needs to be nerfed, so they release eric to f2p to shut them up

so complain about shields, needs to be needed and they release a shield to f2p to shut us up!

do it now

People asking for anything other than an acessible disarm are out of their minds, that’ll change up things way more than solange ever will

baby steps mate this is scopely
u have to wear them down slowly
revives first
terrorities next
shields after
then the worlddddddddd

I actually like this thread. Straight to the point.

I too would like a free 6s sheild. Make it happen scopes.

we have to be clear we want a 6 star shield
or we will get a free 3 star shield lolz

As compensation, we will all get 2 3* Katja human shields.

Ok you can have a free shield but it will take longer to level him then survivors club Andrea deal?

Considering they are still collecting $$$ from people investing in club for a shield, you are out of your mind if you think they are going to disincentivise that any time soon.

Chance Koa, and mabye that Red guy in event wheels in the next few months is best you can hope for.

How many times do i have to say this, fuk a shield ftp need a disarm. Stop asking for asking for defense toons, dont complain about shields and revives just to ask for them. If u want a shield u can get a guaranteed one for 25 bucks a month with decent stats.

Hell andrea isnt even bad she held up pretty nice being t1 lvl 60 with like over 3k def, just work on her hp. But never the less disarm is so much more valuable especially in this meta.

Would you rather have a better defense tht most likely won’t even hold up vs a player with ptw toons or be more competitive burning their camps and having the ability to raid faster?

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Everything has a counter. You have a hard hitting character to go against every color shield. They aren’t ‘killing the game’.

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