Shielded Raid Revenge status.....WHY?


Can anyone tell me please when you attempt to REVENGE another faction member, there are some shielded enemies? I was playing with my son and his ipad said he COULD attack them but my tablet said shielded??

I thought shields were something you spent on to keep your rep up? But that doesn’t make sense if different players get same time different results…

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If the player you’re attempting to attack has been attacked within the last 2 and a half hours or so, they aren’t up to be attacked again. Same for if they’re currently online. Revenge is very hit or miss



U can buy shields for given amounts of time however if u are actively online or currently raided u will be shown as shielded. I’ve seen that b4 though where 1 person see someone pop up to be raided but from revenge list they are shielded. Either way rep doesn’t matter so no point in buying shields. It’s called ghosting if u are really concerned with rep.



Alright…thanks guys.



I don’t think he/she cares about rep, I think he/she is using revenge to make the game fun for his/her son. Finding revenge raids is kinda a pain in the ass, too much so for me to bother, but if you enjoy it, you’ve just got to go down the log and hope for the best.

The being shielded after being successfully attacked is there to stop a player from bleeding out tons of rep/resources in a short time.



If he’s up as a possible opponent on your son’s ipad, he will appear as shielded to everyone else until your son fails an attack or moves on to another opponent (either by using food to find the next opponent or by waiting out the 5 minute timer). This is to prevent multiple people from raiding an opponent at the same time. (And yes, it’s not a perfect system, but it explains this particular circumstance).

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