Shield Rush debate


I’ve reciently acquired a 5* human shield magna and I’m currently trying to decide between leveling or not leveling her adrenaline rush. Opinions?


Absolute yes


Level it. Her rush impairs 3 so is still good when she pops. Then on offense you can use her for her defense down.


IF she doesnt die, her AR is nasty…


She’ll probably get one shot by a Tyreese so I’d save the food and trainers for a 6★


With a Mirabelle lead and the right weapon, Ty does not one shot her. I use her on def and attack still and am still able to take out full 6* teams. Especially with a Mirabelle lead, if you get the enemy team down to 3 then pop Magna’s AR followed by Mirabelle’s then it’s game over.


I’d argue that with the right lead and right weapon Ty definitely does :wink:

But I was mainly referring to defence, using a shield on attack is a different kettle of fish as the enemy doesn’t tend to use all hits on one target. Unless of course you’re shield raiding.