Shield + Revive


Hey Scopely,

Any chance you can release more shields and revives with bonus hp, preferably very fast ar’s. They are super fun to raid ! Oh whilst im here can we also have more def whilst confused mods the 200 i already have aint quite enough. I also dont think we get enough level ups. Can you also stop giving out tonnes of gear please. I would also like a option to increase territorie pop ups, would hate to miss out on magna’s old base.

Bang up job so far Scopes.


Love these troll posts


Love these posts about troll posts


(((scoopley))) is the best company ever!!


Valid approach.


Not sure if anyone has tried reverse psychology yet to get what they want.
Figured i’d give it a go !


Reverse psychology and regular psychology prove as nothing but pointless statements when it comes to Scopely


This is the thread right here!!!

I will add, can we have Earl fail more weapons, decrease the odds of a pull to %0.01, add 3* back in the wheels, raise leagues store prices, decrease roster space, i would love more crashes, only crashing on territory isnt enough


The team only a decapitator and his mother could love


I demand that the drop rate for war cans be lowered !


Make it an rng bag, 1 option is we get a can or we lose a can, %99.9 to lose a can


Yeah this is definitively the best butt hurt sarcastic post I’ve ever seen on any forum in the last fifteen years.

I bet it felt good to post, OP. Makes you strong like bull.



You do seem to be an old pro in the butt hurt game yourself sir.

I was being sarcastic trying to have a laugh get a grip.


Get called out


Abe + Alpha + Bruce = No problem with multi shield multi revive teams


Ohhhh you forgot how they need to destroy the current balance , cause any F2P player can win almost all P2W player ,
Oooh Poor P2W players spent a lot of money and put too much efforts in the game to do one pull and get an extra ordinary toons like Jesus and Magna .
Please No more premier toon in lvl up event and in wheels


what if you dont have a decap genius?


Get one genius


Can we get the value of basic tokens and helper tokens decreased and maybe get more basic tokens from war? Also please never add a 6* to the survival marker depot. Can you also develop 5* weapons and 7* characters asap? Please and thank you. P.s. Never fix the tt glitches ever. We love them.