Shield characters

300k in supply depot for a shield character I have played this game for over 3 years never had a shield not even close to getting one now it’s a fantastic 300k which I have never had by the time I get one they will be useless thanks scopley

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Even when u buy one it will still be useless. The gear u need to buy for upgrading the toon will bleed u dry :grin::grin:


I don’t like the idea of special survival road gear for legacy toons. Especially after hoarding it with the crit resistant and taunt walkers.


you didn’t even get the fee to play andrea shield? :joy::rofl:

Andrea isn’t free to play


According to Scopely she is!

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Do the free trial and then get the free comics from weekly missions every month

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Shields are dying there isnt much use for them with people getting ahold of Focus toons now

Are you talking about 6* shield, or any shield ever? Cause I find it hard to believe that you didn’t get a Lee or even a yellow Mich if you’ve been a regular player.

Lee isn’t just available in the SR depot I believe. I’m pretty sure he’s available in the 5 star wheel. You just need SR gear to upgrade him.

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I already had lee in my roster and I dont even plan in ascending him cause theres no use with s class

wait for s.class humsn shield

Lee was first hinted when detailed that he would be ascended Back then he would be the games first Gen 2 shield. Oh the uproar scopely felt from the whales soon after. Not only not the Gen 2 shield that he should have been, but now spend on special gear to level him… I guess it pays to pay around here…

I recommend Lee

Shields are becoming mook. They are literally giving away Ezekiel with focus for 30 pulls on Michonne wheel, Camilla is in leagues, and they just handed out Christa with focus and dd, oh dear, put that energy into getting a decent healer and these focus toons. There’s plat mods also in depot for just 100 k more. And you don’t need depot gear to level them up.

He is for 55 k survival tokens.

Oh I have three Lee’s, which made the disappointment taste slightly more acrid. He’s still going to be used for me tho. Have three Maggie’s as well. Might need some medication for this hopefully not disappointment…

magna worth it…

Don’t waste your SR points on either of them shields are already mostly useless on defense but on top of that by the time you get all the gear to max either of them out they’ll be 100% useless

No Ajax is way better, if they did gave her a similar rush to what her 5* had maybe