Sherry isn’t Script


Are you kidding us ???


awesome, I asked for my cans back lol

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Ah ahahah :+1:


Après je suis gentil je vous préviens. C est pas abusement park qui va vous prévenir :kissing_heart:

Go trad fr :>>> eng


What does this even mean?
Sherry isnt the written text of a play, movie, or broadcast.
but you still completed the roadmap?


havent been able to beat stage 2 nightmare mode, would be nice if her active was leveled…


I waited overnight for someone to explain what this thread meant cause I thought it whooshed over my head but looks like no one gets it either. I think OP means that he expected Sherry to be the reward for finishing the RM, but instead got Lilith??


Going purely off the pictures it appears that they forgot to give Sherry her stats and instead she is rocking the OP TBD ones. :laughing:

The other thing I never understood is when they make these character-centric maps I assume they are looking to entice people to pull for the new premiere so why not max them out, mod them out and beef up their weapon? Because when it goes down super quick first all the time it really does the exact opposite of the roadmaps intention.

Someone ask beth to reset the sign…
Nevermind looks like she’s on top of it. :wink:


That’s the first thing I said shes in a roadmap called recruit and she had no actual rush or active. She did gain ap and hit a target but she was not what she was supposed be
They dropped the map before she was released in the premieres. Then they posted an announcement. The one that should of gone out before axel and his special needs were released and sold


The third roadmap is a ■■■■■■■ hell. How did you beat it?


Surprisingly, the trick is not to go on the defensive, but to go on the offensive. Go with attack leaders and try to wipe out as many enemies as you can as early as possible. Once their numbers dwindle, their attack output will too. Keep them pinned down with stuns, taunts, and confuse until you can finish them off.


It’s impossible if you ask me. I can’t get focus during first turn since there is yellow Jesus; all toons hit just too hard to properly recover and red Sandy is a ■■■■■■■ bitch in sense that she strikes twice AND can decap others. Going with offense toons would do little since they all would die during the first two turns or so.
Can you please explain?


That’s why you need to wipe out the enemy early. Take out sandy first turn, then, instead of relying on a rush taunt/confuse/stun, use an active skill one to disable Jesus, and then attack the others while he’s occupied in order to build your rushes. Then put him in a stun lock with your rushes.


They are also tanky as hell - it is very hard to do so.

Can you post your team then?


Already disassembled my circumstantial team, so unfortunately I can’t. However, for that second till last level I believe I used a Carl lead and went with an all strong team that included Shawn and Glenn, and wiped out sandy first so they couldn’t properly fight back. I might’ve had shiva in there for the stun and confuse.


I don’t have Shiva and Shawn, so I guess I’m out of this one.


Just tried with Eric, green Glenn, Alpha, Gabiel and Victor - lost on turn 4.


Taunt Jesus with Charlie and equip your tunes with a p down mods


Make sure your mods are maxed with every four hits I usually get one or two that drains AP


I don’t think it’s hard enough.

Auto’d through it.