Sheild with absolute defense alert. Gaurdian 2 when being attacked?

Can we get an alert absolute defense sheild ( Konrad but promo). Also have guardian chance when being attacked? Maybe an adrenaline rush defense of sheilds for everyone @JB.Scopely

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Sounds like a good money maker. Give it a revive active or at with bonus hp and it’s on it’s way to this us.

Thx for the idea.

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Should just give him taint confuse and impar as well just load it up with every single thing

Taint lol


I’m confused.


I would not be surprised. All six stars have been about making them packed full of different abilities all in one.

Five star era power creep was about making them faster faster stronger stronger whilst this six star era had been about shoving everything in one character. Has gone as bad as this SC andrea with both leaderskill and specialist skill. This is a sign for the worst ahead.

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The next promo will be:

  • Active: Impair 4 enemies for 3 turns
  • AR: confuse 3 enemies + revive for 70% health
  • Specialist: Human Shield/Guardian II
  • Weapon: Stun on Defense
  • Leader Skill: 40% defense and massive AP when taking damage

I like the adrenaline rush of sheild for everyone @JB.Scopely

Don’t waste your money with RTS!!

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Pretty much cash grabs gonna come to an end soon

You said massive,

huh huh huh

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Yeah man, give him a specialist skill that recovers 100% health when being attacked.

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Might as well give him an AR that stuns all enemies for 5 turns 45 AP

Do u remember the letter to players when 6s came out "all 6s will be balanced and equal"

It’s like animal farm they “are all equal but some more equal than others”


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