Sheets for the game

Is there any helpful google sheets for the game?

With what?

@LadyGeek tends to know this stuff

Just trying to find any helpful stuff. Honestly. I have been working on a sheet for the 6*s that breaks down total stats, turns to AR with bonuses, weapon bonuses, health, def, and attack mods. I’m trying to make a one stop sheet for all my needs.

I have not seen a one stop shop but hopefully lady geek can help there. It’s all kind of everywhere imo.

This is what I’m working on could use any advice on what to add or if it will even be beneficial in the long run. But this is why I am asking…

no, there is nothing helpful on the internet for this game.

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I lost one for level up points, resources needed, good etc and the points of would give. Ones for families are always good

yea, i made that one, rofl. its discontinued.

What kind of formulas did you use on that? Just regular points (x)

i wrote a lot of javascript for the calculations as the base excel formulas weren’t quick enough to handle the processing and surpassed the actual amount of cells allowed in a single google document

Wow must have taken some work to get it

Sir here goes everything you need

Thanks for the extra

Look anything like this

Well, I got all kinds of minor stuff in my own Excel-sheets…

The “ADD PERCENT TOGETHER( 30% WEAPON BONUS+ 40% LEADER BONUS= 30%+ 40%= 70%=. 7)” part in your sheet bugs me a little, since that doesn’t reflect how the ingame calculations actually work. Except for mods and unlike many other games, most stuff multiplies with each other here:

Some other ideas:

(Survival Markers per Mission)

(Boss Efficiency)

(detailed Level-Up Exp/Food-table)

Much of it is not yet complete, though…


Thanks. I just fixed that to reflect the multiples. I appreciate the advice.

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