Shed some light on Coin Loaders

Many of us who are associated in different cross region line groups have come across people who offer coin loading services which they claim are completely legitimate. I won’t name names specifically but there is one well known coin loader in particular who is associated with a lot of well known community figures. People who have encountered him I’m sure know who he is, he roams around with his army of bots offering his deals on cheaper coins and claiming that scopely is “totally OK with it” and there is “no risk what so ever of a ban”. This person claims to do it for many different games and claims he is able to do it because he gets a cheaper deal on coins by purchasing in bulk directly from the developers. In many discussions I have had with people they are unsure if this person is telling the truth, and I am putting out this thread to clear this up.

I feel there are a number of clear signs that point towards this service being a sham. First of all, a scopely affiliated coin peddaler would not be floating around different line groups, asking for log in information to peoples accounts to load up coin packs. That idea is absurd, and it baffles me that anybody buys that alibi. If anything game developers just turn a blind eye to this industry as long as they are getting paid. I don’t know how these people do it, and I don’t want to speculate, but I strongly feel it is not a sanctioned purchase from the developers.

The other thing is this particular person is closely associated with many well known community figures, even moderating certain chats. I am not naming names, but many people in the community probably have an idea what I’m talking about. It makes me wonder how many people are actually using these services. It bothers me to think that rival players, and maybe even players within my own factions, are going through illegitimate means to get an edge over the competition. I hope to hear some input from scopely on this. If this is in fact illegitimate, and players who use these services are violating the TOS, then why aren’t players getting banned for this? Is scopely simply turning a blind eye on this, or is this just impossible to control? Or is the far-fetched and ridiculous alibi of buying bulk coins for cheaper actually the truth? Lets put this out in the open because quite frankly I’m tired of seeing this go on, and I’m tired of widespread cheating in this game. I just think that everybody should play under the same restictions. Nobody should be able to use services like this to gain an unfair advantage in this game. Feel free to share opinions and information and I hope to hear something from scopely on this.


Nothing has been done about it in 2 years, why would Scopely change now?

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Well given the track record of letting cheaters and scammers get away Scott free, he is at least correct in stating there is no risk of bans!

But ugh. Seems dodgy to me.

If buying cheap in bulk was an option, there would not be so many P12s and P13s in the game - aka the most dedicated old whale base that pulled from a premium wheel based on unknown “chances”, “2 x chances” and “increased chances”.

Are we supposed to guess who it is? I suspect Sir Lancealot, although that Richard fellow may indeed be the devil. I’ve seen some things…things that change you fundamentally. I change my guess to Karen

Dion… gotta be dion.

Honestly this is hilarious this has come up today of all days, i know who your on about ,im not naming him as it will bring him more potential customers, but what hes doing is not legitimate, and the only reason he is associated with these big names like Lady and JAB is because there is no admin features on line so any troll can come in and delete everyone from a group without any need for secondary approval.

He offers them a service, his bots which act like automated admins and can stop troll accounts entering and more importantly kick people. all the people who use his servicess pay him to do so, but he abuses his power and has control of almost all of the major line communites about this game and bans who he wants when he wants with little else anyone else can do, I myself have been banned as he didint like the screenshots i had of him selling coins to people ( Shane and the devs have this and have confirmed its not legit) even though he claims he is , hee claims its legit as hes not hacking coins he is simply GPS spoofing them at a lower rate, but as you are using a third party it is against TOS


For this reason I have often questioned how line became the main social platform for this game. There are so many better platforms out there, like discord, where groups can set admins and moderators and privileges. I don’t think line is really built for the kind of uses it gets; everybody has equal privileges in a line group unless they have an army of bots. Thats one way this guy has managed to slip his way into the community.

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If someone knows this gentlemen’s name in-game – please PM me.

We’re investigating this! Any help is much appreciated.


I know quiet a few people who were banned for doing this [quote=“Pete, post:1, topic:4474”]

Nobody pays people to protect a room with line bots. If you wanted to do that, you’d just pay someone to make you your own bots. If there is any kind of direct arrangements, I’d wager it revolves around him plugging his services in the room, doing give aways for publicity, etc.

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Coin loaders are a service (Albeit if not illegal depending on jurisdiction then at least foolish because of ToS violations and giving money and your account to a stranger to buy more for less) on many games. The more successful games attract these people, and sometimes organizations, en masse.

FF15, GoW, CoC, Clash Royale all have had people doing this at one time or another as well. Even had a guy in a guild i played in during the Tapjoy ff15 offer trying to sell his loading services


Pretty much this^^^^

Extra common on mobile strike


I realize its a common problem. I’m just holding on to blind hope that scopely will somehow be able to do something about it. I know many people in my region have abused this service, I have chosen not to. Its cheating, plain and simple. I hope there is a solution here. I don’t want to play at an unfair disadvantage, spending twice as much as the person cheating at the other side.

Hopefully, Eventually, Scopely can implement a tidal wave of banned and banished users of all illicit sorts…

until then…



Always blame dion

Shut up Val, stop blaming others ffs!

These heathen mofos, get back in your cages!

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