She is amazing! Sophia



WI’ll she be released in the next? Hope she is ftp


Free 2 Pay :wink:


With Zeke and Mira being f2p . I don’t see any new releases being f2p this year… Unless they decide on an event for christmas


Her release coincides with the weekly Thursday promo… so p2p. She’d be a very solid f2p toon tho, but very mediocre for p2p


No way in hell would she be close to F2P, sorry guys. We don’t bring in enough revenue for them


Can’t wait to pull her from an event wheel in a few months :grin:


Yeah she’s essentially a blue Shiva in a way I guess, which you know what that means :wink:


Mehhh… Quicker AR is nice though…

First Clem and now Sophia have this vitality special… Must be a kid thing :baby:t4:


What a dumb toon not interested


On a tank team, she could be nearly unkillable. Far from mediocre.


Other than her rush, everything else is sht. Confuse for 1 turn + ap gain. 1 turn of confuse on an active is mediore. ap gain is pointless since she will get her rush on turn 2 with either andrea lead on attack. or ap bonus that bots get on def. vitality is a next to useless specialist, especially since so many ARs can 1 shot characters.

Though its nice that the recent promos are somewhat balanced. (princess and sophia)


She looks great hopefully I can pull her lol


I saw her on vk. yeah that ptp. Damn it :mệt mỏi:


She sure is :slight_smile:


I have 0 clue how to use her :sweat_smile: only pulled because my friend did …


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