Sharing within the fraction?

are you guys planing on making sharing toons and supplys within the fraction anytime soon? i mean some (alot )of people have doubles and triples of same toons and others cannot get even one of the same toon no matter how many times they pull or how much they spend…you guys could make it an option for the fraction leader or set a time frame so you will still make money or even make it only available once every 6 months or once a year im sure everyone would be happy with that ,just something so we might trade stuff and toons…if not thats fine but just something to think about for the future.if it were me i’d leave it for the leader to decide if we could do it and you guys decide what time and never during certain events like lvl ups.

Thoughts? ideas? anyone

Hence the controlled time frame.could make it idk something only the fraction leader could decide to do and who (i mean you don’t want someone just joining a fraction to trade with someone) and scopely set the time day,week,month ect…if they wanted to they could make it where only certian things and toons can be traded (no new ones or special event supplys).

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That sounds like a really nice addition to a family community game but you’ll be cutting into the pockets of the other guys I may not fly

Too many people would abuse the system. Buy toons from vk on a fake account and give them to their original legitimate account. Even with the restrictions you put on all they would have to do is make a faction and invite their hack acct during the time frame scopely set. That’s why we can’t have nice things, cheaters would abuse it.


Except what if trades had to go through an automated scopely system first that knew if you earned the toon legit and then allowed the trade. This way it would cut out the cheats. I know they can’t seem to stop basic cheaters right now but it’s nice to dream sometimes. I think having a legit way to trade with your teammates would be fantastic. Just need to figure out a good way to do it.

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You could limit cheats by limiting to one trade a month per person. It would be an improvement until the anticheat gets good on this game

That would be cool. I’m be down for in faction trading if they implemented it right and made sure it couldn’t be abused. Would help out people that end up with 5 gps and 0 canteens to be able to trade a gps for a canteen with someone who has the opposite amounts. Rng really screws some people, one person in my faction has 9 gps and 0 canteens. It always happened to me with bags before the new gear map I always had like 20 walkies and 1 bag or something stupid. It’s one of the most aggravating things in the game.

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yes tell me about it i get more walkies now that i dont need then than way back when i did need then and now there just piles up.mine is real bad with the apenstocks have no use for them right now and yet seem i get a ton of them

Without a doubt, I can’t stand rng. Beanies used to be mine. At one point I had like 3 of them and 32 flaks. This obviously predates the new gear maps.

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