Sharing of gear between faction members


Is there any possibility that we may share our gears with fellow faction members. Just between a certain faction member. If possible, could there be an update on that?? IF POSSIBLE, of course. Thank you!:blush:


Would be great but will never happen. Too much influence on game economy/balance


Hell naw, I’m in no way going to share gear with my faction. That’s ridiculous. I farmed and earned that shit, so they could earn theirs too. Lmao


I agree. A player that quits could just gift all their gear to someone else. And then who would buy the offers :grimacing:

I do like the idea though…


Thanks for all your feedback😊. It was just a friendly question. Thank you guys😊


Lol damn right who shares in this game anyway ? That’s for nerds


This ain’t no Yugio or Pokemon trading card game, so yeah, a trading system would be in the words of Remy Ma “Shite.”