Sharing items within your Faction


You need to make it where Faction members can help each other out by sharing items, food, wood, etc. Other games I have played had this option, and it would be nice if this was added.


If would be nice if we could trade, but it shouldn’t happen. This would allow cheaters to trade gear from a hacked account to a legit account


I disagree, helping each other out within the confines of one’s own group doesn’t hurt anything. Providing this option isn’t going to be the start of people cheating. If people are going to cheat, then they are going to cheat, that shouldn’t stop useful options from being provided for the players who aren’t. Players can already get a leg up on other players by purchasing items, so I see no reason why this couldn’t be added.


Why not just charge 20-50 coins for a trade…? Relatively small amount, encourages spending, everyone is happy… Theoretically.


Will you just stop with that? That is the lamest excuse mantra because of simple reason - all is tracked and logged. Since vk is selling all, there is no legitimate reason for not adding it, trade system should exist and it should not include toons and weapons, end. Dude stated food/wood, how do you cheat on food wood?