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I have played many other mobile games including Total Domination: Reborn and Narcos. We have been able to share certain resources or gear in certain amounts. I would like to see that option in this game. It will help the free players in my opinion.

Of course it will help the free players, that’s why they’d never do it.


Nobody wants to see pics of your man log off and get a room

Too easy to exploit. I would be against this.


This is why this wont and shouldnt happen… Create alt account on a new device, hack and get the best toons, weapons, perfect mods, trade/give/sell them to your main account. GG you are now op cause you cheated and no one can do anything bout it cause technically you didnt cheat, “someone” gave you all the stuff. While i would like this to trade fac mates gear, i wouldnt want this, already enough cheaters in this game as is, this would sky rocket the cheats and kill the game cause no one would buy anything

My phone has better security than scopley servers they have been hacked for over 2years any other company would have had it sorted by now. So much like hackers can make a 2star toon attack go from 50 attack to 99,999 they would turn one item into 99,999 free money. So if vk is run by scopley a market place would make it easier to do business lol
P.s sharing is caring if what people with s.t.d’s say lol

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